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You be a lawyer.

Let us help your business do the rest.

The Lawganised Difference

It's important to note that Lawganised is not a law firm.  However, we do understand that lawyers need to be client-focused.  As such, sometimes the business aspects of your business can be challenging to manage.

That is what Lawganised offers.

We can put measures in place that allow legal professionals to spend more time with clients and less time dealing with the intricacies of running a practice.  Thus saving principals time and money.
Lawganised was designed to assist small to medium-sized law firms.  In this market, we have the background, skills and experience to ensure that your firm is operating at peak efficiency and delivering maximum shareholder value.

“Ben’s understanding of law firm operations, in particular how principals get the most out of their practice management systems, is exceptional. As a former partner of a firm himself, Ben intimately understands the needs of principals and how their practices need to operate in order to ensure the highest quality for clients and maximum return for shareholders. Having Ben’s insights into how our practice can run more efficiently and effectively has been invaluable.”

Amanda Given, Principal, Given Law

"Ben has an intimate knowledge of law firm operations and best practice. His grasp of effective structuring for profitability is a key strength, including the forming of offshore teams. Through Ben's leadership, his previous firm was able to harness the resources of their entire team, including offshore resources, to the fullest, and achieve financial and operational performance metrics we seldom see in other similar professional services clients. From an offshore staffing provider's perspective, Ben's model leadership of his team and focus on a positive environment created an internal culture that other teams envied and one that Ben should be very proud of."

"Angela Vidler, Managing Director, Diversify Offshore Staffing Solutions.

Ben Deverson Lawganised Business management advice consulting to law firms brisbane

Still chasing invoices from 3 months ago?

If you are like the majority of firms, and your debtor days are up around 75, you need help from Lawganised.

We are your road map to improve your cash flow.

Want your debtor days reduced by half? Sure, we can do that.

Lawganised has proven strategies to tackle your key cash flow metrics and get money in your account sooner.

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Lawganised conference room Ben Deverson business management consultant to law firms business administration
Lawganised Business management for lawyers cash flow enhancement business advice practice management 1

How We Work

Proven Strategies

Lawganised is led by a former law firm principal.  We use our experience to implement strategies and processes to drive results.  These operational metrics will allow your firm's performance to far exceed industry averages.  We have the skills and know-how to get your firm working with you, not against you.

Tailored Solutions

Every firm is different.  Getting an understanding of your firm and the aspirations of the principals is the key.  Lawganised works with you to identify strengths and weaknesses without forcing you to fit into a rigid model.  Some small business solutions or a full restructure, it's up to you.

Strategic Partners

We maintain strong relationships with several service providers, all of whom are experienced in the legal services sector.  This ensures that the firms have access to all the expertise they need to reach their full potential.

Let's Set Up A Meeting

We are happy to meet in person, via video conference or by phone.
Our initial consultation is free.
We’d love to show you what a difference Lawganised can make to your firm.

Strategic Partners



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