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About Us

Ben Deverson

Founder, Director & Chief Organiser of Lawganised, Ben Deverson, has had a 25-year executive career of which over half has been managing and leading professional services firms. For four years (2016-2019), Ben was the Managing Director and an equity principal of a boutique law firm in Brisbane.

Whilst not being a qualified lawyer, Ben is a management specialist.  He has gained an intimate knowledge of the challenges that law firms face each day.  Ben's strengths include strategic planning, forecasting, cash flow management, process automation, performance metrics, leadership, and legal practice risk management.

Ben has a passion for helping law firm principals maximise their resources so that they can have a new and positive outlook on their business lives and their lives.

That is why the Lawganised vision is simply: "To change principals' lives".

Ben's unrelenting commitment and motivation to achieve excellence stems from his past unique leadership roles as an Australian Army Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Practice Manager for two global accounting firms, and a senior commercial role in a major Queensland infrastructure project.

Ben is a proud husband and father of three children, and happily admits he married well outside his weight division(!). He's an avid sports fan, animal lover, and Dad joke connoisseur. Ben always enjoys a good laugh and, in particular, enjoys a chat anything Seinfeld related. Ben can be guilty of excessive overuse of Seinfeld references and quotes but he believes there’s a Seinfeld moment in every day.

Ben is an avid subscriber to the "Four Simple Rules for Business Leadership" championed by a former CEO he worked with:

1. 'Have fun!!'
2. 'If we have a meeting, we make a decision.'
3. 'If we make a wrong decision, change it!' (No blame games, no dwelling, just get the f&#k on with it!)
4. 'Every person in the team knows more than me, and it's up to me to extract their knowledge.'

Ben is also a non-executive Director of the AEIOU Foundation for Children with Autism.

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Lavinia Major

Lavinia Major is the 'Team Organiser' of Lawganised and performs the critical role of coordinating our client service activities and ensuring our Chief Organiser (aka Ben) is where he needs to be, when he needs to be, with what he needs to have.

Lavinia has a background in retail management and legal secretarial roles and most recently was a legal secretary for a boutique legal practice in Brisbane.

Lavinia (aka 'Vinnie') also loves animals and moonlights as a House Sitter, caring for her clients' animals when they're on holidays. Lavinia and her family live on acreage and tend to a large array of animals including dogs, chicken and ducks. Her pride and joy, however, is her dog 'Cleo' that just loves getting her face in front of a camera.

Lavinia is a proud Vegan and resides in the beautiful town of Wamuran, west of Caboolture.