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Things change! Don’t be afraid to disclose a new fee estimate

Adjusting a fee estimate on a time-based matter should not be a taboo subject. Too many legal practices surrender considerable revenue from poor practices and an unwillingness to disclose a new estimate.

Thanks change and estimates are like a weather forecast; sometimes you get them wrong! So don’t be afraid to provide your client with a new estimate…..

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Do you know your firm’s cost of doing business?

Do you know your firm’s cost of doing business? It’s easy, right? Look at your monthly Profit & Loss statement and checking that bold figure towards the bottom that reads, ‘Total Expenses.’ For me, I like to get a little more surgical than that. Knowing your cost of doing business, or CODB, is critical from…

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Thank you! Two simple words that can mean so much

Do you thank your clients for their business at the conclusion of a matter, perhaps after they pay their final invoice? Two simple words can mean a lot to your client and equally your firm. Why it’s important to say thank you. While many firms invest heavily in business development and sourcing clients, seldom is…

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SERIOUSLY?! I dare you to read this!!

So now I have your attention, I’d like to offer some thoughts on some of the perils of communicating via email (or in writing in general). The key message here is, unless you are a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, regardless of your intent, as the writer, you must be cognisant of the fact that your recipients…

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