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Learning @ Lawganised

Leadership Programs

So you have studied hard to be a lawyer, worked your way up the ranks with several years of delivering for your clients time and time again. But suddenly you find yourself thrown into the role of 'leader.' Make no mistake, this role will be the most important role you undertake in your career:
A leader of people.

Your law degree has not given you the tools you need to lead, so the Learning @ Lawganised Leadership Programs equip you with the fundamentals of leading as a lawyer, what it takes to build trust, empathy, and a high-performing team.

Do your staff know that they matter? 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For Leaders, Supervisors, Managers

All human beings have the desire to feel needed, and to have a purpose. An engaged team member is a productive team member – not just someone who completes the requirements of their job, but goes above and beyond for the organisation, and for their leader. This workshop will explore the positive impacts on an organisation when staff are engaged, have purpose, and know that they matter. Participants will learn tools to put into practice to make sure their staff have vision, goals, and purpose in the workplace.

Do your staff know that they matter

Upwards Delegation 30 minutes | 0.5 CPD Points | For Leaders, Supervisors, Managers

Sounds a little twisted, right? How does delegation occur ‘upwards’? The unfortunate reality for many senior practitioners is that it is happening daily and creating considerable stress, additional workload, and, ultimately, a workforce dependant on senior staff with junior staff not adequately developing. Upwards Delegation is a real problem in the practise of law and this program will provide senior practitioners and leaders with tips and techniques to ensure their staff do not ‘delegate’ problems and work to them. We will explore how upwards delegation happens with real examples and offer ways to encourage solutions-based thinking to your team members.

Upwards Delegation

Workplace Culture – not just meditation and fruit bowls! 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For Leaders, Supervisors, Managers

The culture of a workplace is its immune system. If you have a healthy culture, teams will perform at their optimal level, producing quality outcomes for their business. An unhealthy culture will see poor retention rates, unhappy team members, which is a killer for an organisation’s bottom line.
This workshop will help you run a health check on your organisation, and provide you with practical tools to help improve the overall wellness of the culture within the workplace.


It’s never too early to become a mentor 30 minutes | 0.5 CPD Points | For Employees

The benefits of a mentor are limitless. Becoming a mentor and finding a mentor can bring many things to the lives of a lawyer. The mentor relationship can encourage personal development, career progression, personal life goals, build confidence, develop ideas, and create new and meaningful pathways and connections. This workshop looks at the benefits of a mentor relationship, and how finding one, or becoming one can expand your professional world, as well as your leadership potential.


Empathy – why we need it 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For Leaders, Supervisors, Managers and Employees

According to research, empathy is the most critical skill that a leader can possess. Empathy contributes to the success and positive outcomes in all areas of a law firm including mental health, work-life balance, retention, output, innovation, engagement, and inclusivity. This workshop explores the concept of empathy and how it can be implemented by leaders to bring out the best in their teams.