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Mental Health Programs

The mental health and wellbeing of those that work in the legal profession is an issue of critical importance. The Law Society of South Australia says that lawyers consistently rate in the top two occupations with the highest prevalence of mental health problems in this country. Furthermore, the Black Dog Institute states that whilst one in five Australians will experience a mental illness, one in three lawyers report suffering disability and distress due to depression, they do not seek help and self-medicate with alcohol.

Lawyers are meticulous in their attention to detail, perfectionists, and display an unwavering work ethic. While these qualities are essential to the job, they also predispose these individuals to issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

At Lawganised we believe that we must eliminate the stigma and elevate the importance of mental health across the profession. The Learning @ Lawganised Mental Health programs, delivered by accredited Mental Health First Aider, Lauren Phelps, aim to offer all staff working in the profession the tools to support this goal and encourage the right conversations at the right time.

At Lawganised, we also know that these programs are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mental health. If you or your firm are seeking to implement broader mental health awareness programs, please contact us to discuss some of our bespoke mental health initiatives for legal practices.

Burnout – warning signs and ways to prevent it 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For all team members

Burnout doesn’t need to be an inevitable part of a lawyer's career. This workshop explores the conditions of the profession, workplace cultures that can lead to burnout, and what lawyers can do to create healthy work practices.


The Fatigues 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For all team members

Do you know why Barack Obama wore the same navy or grey suit every day? Decision fatigue affects lawyers every day. So too does compassion fatigue – which is the cost of caring for those we work with and for. This workshop explores the fatigues often experienced by lawyers, and how to implement strategies to avoid falling victim to these work-related conditions.

Decision fatigue

Vicarious Trauma in the Legal Profession 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For all team members

Regular exposure to the trauma experienced by clients, victims, and complainants can negatively impact the way that lawyers begin to view the world. This workshop looks at the signs of vicarious trauma, and ways that lawyers can mitigate their risk of exposure to traumatic materials, and victims of trauma. It will also provide participants with tools to build resilience.

Vicarious Trauma

Mental Illness – Why Lawyers don’t suffer from this 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For all team members

Now that we have your attention - lawyers absolutely do suffer from mental illness! This workshop will look at the statistics around mental illness in the legal profession; the common diagnoses; personality types of lawyers; and ways that you can take charge of your wellbeing and mental health.

Mental Illness

How to have an AreYouOk conversation? 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For all team members

As lawyers we are used to having robust, adversarial, and sometimes aggressive conversations. But, when we identify that a colleague or team member needs a welfare check, there are skills that should be employed to make the conversation safe, and supportive. This workshop, presented by a qualified Mental Health First Aid officer, educates participants on how to identify when a colleague may need checking in with, and how to have the all-important ‘are you ok’ conversation.

Are You OK