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We use a holistic approach via a three-layered solution. 
This starts with the right foundation, the right moving parts, ensuring the right outcomes.

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    The Outcome

    Ensures you can enhance your cash flow and get money in your firm's account sooner.

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    The Moving Parts

    Having the right systems and processes to facilitate efficient client service and execution of your strategies.

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    The Foundation

    Operational excellence.  This means keeping your doors open by mitigating risk, implementing efficiency tools so that your practice is a well-oiled machine.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is the foundation of an efficient and effective law firm. 
Firms cannot achieve great outcomes unless risks are managed, ensuring lawyers can focus on client service. 
We can assist law firms with best practice strategies covering:

  • Effective structuring for improved profitability.

  • Client relationship management.

  • Trust Account compliance.

  • Risk Management.

  • Business insurance.

  • Succession planning.

  • People and culture.

Practice Management (PM) and Systems

Practice management systems and processes facilitate the execution of strategic planning and efficiency in client service delivery. 
We can assist firms with best practice strategies covering:

  • Practice Management systems.

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting.

  • Budgeting.

  • Automation and process improvement.

  • Software systems for efficiency and collaboration.

  • Coaching for Practice Managers.

Cash Flow Enhancement Strategies

"Cash is King".  Profitability is useless if you are not collecting your bills. 
Without cash, firms simply do not exist.  Lawganised can assist law firms to dramatically reduce the 'cash gap", which is the time frame between engagement and payment. 
This is through cash flow enhancement strategies covering:

  • Cash flow focused client engagement.

  • Funding strategies.

  • Improved focus on the key cash flow drivers of:

    • Work in Progress (WIP)​.

    • Debtors.

    • Collection strategies.