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Do you know your firm’s cost of doing business?

Do you know your firm’s cost of doing business? It’s easy, right? Look at your monthly Profit & Loss statement and checking that bold figure towards the bottom that reads, ‘Total Expenses.’ For me, I like to get a little more surgical than that. Knowing your cost of doing business, or CODB, is critical from…

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SERIOUSLY?! I dare you to read this!!

So now I have your attention, I’d like to offer some thoughts on some of the perils of communicating via email (or in writing in general). The key message here is, unless you are a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, regardless of your intent, as the writer, you must be cognisant of the fact that your recipients…

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Lawganised and FWO Chartered Accountants Announce Strategic Partnership

Lawganised and FWO Chartered Accountants are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining FWO’s industry leading accounting, strategic advisory and wealth management services for legal firms with Lawganised’s operational experience in implementation of strategies to grow law firms. With the ever increasing and fragmented legal services market, law firms recognise their…

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Certainty in Law Firms – You Want This.

Lawganised was created with the vision of instilling certainty in law firms. But what is certainty in a law firm? What is certainty for a principal of a firm, charged with running the business and the leader that has taken all the risk? What I am talking about here is going to sound a little…

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