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Learning @ Lawganised

Wellbeing Programs

Practising law is not easy. Lawyers are driven, hard-working, and committed individuals who often look after their clients and their firms over and above themselves. Lawyers can also be their own worst critics.

With the right tools in place, individuals can have a happy and sustainable career. The Learning @ Lawganised Wellbeing programs aim to offer some of these tools and to encourage lawyers to look after themselves and to look after each other.

At Lawganised, we also know that these programs are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wellbeing. If you or your firm are seeking to implement a broader wellbeing program, or are looking to enhance your team's cohesion and culture, please contact us to discuss some of our bespoke cultural initiatives for legal practices.

Resilience – a must 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For all team members

Working in the legal profession means daily doses of stress, competition, challenges, and adversity. Resilience is the key requirement that enables us to overcome and move through daily occurrences. This workshop explores the stressors that lawyers experience every day, why we need resilience, and offers practical tools to teach lawyers how to keep their resilience reservoirs full.

Healthy Habits – what they are and how to create them 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For all team members

A large part of our day is formed by habits, often more than we realise. When we create healthy habits, we are automating portions of our lives to help maintain our psychological and physical health and build resilience. This workshop looks at the healthy habits that lawyers can create to assist them in dealing with the everyday stressors of life in a law firm, and outside of their working hours too. Participants will walk away armed with tools to help them identify unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy habits.


Working from home – maximising your productivity, and finding your joy 30 minutes | 0.5 CPD Points | For team members

2020, 2021, 2022 – and the working from home continues. We are all into our third year of functioning in a world where uncertainty has become the norm. This workshop helps participants develop a positive approach to the uncertainty we face, and to structure work from home days so that they can feel productive and engaged.

Work From Home

Rituals – how to get your day off to a cracking start 30 minutes | 0.5 CPD Point | For all team members

Meditation, joy spotting, gratitude, mindfulness, journaling…starting your morning with healthy rituals can pave the way for a more productive, clear, and meaningful day. This workshop helps you to find what rituals will work for you, and how to build them into your day.


Wellbeing for Leaders 60 minutes | 1 CPD Point | For Leaders, Supervisors, Managers

As an employer, not just a lawyer, you have an obligation to provide a psychologically safe workplace for your team. Looking after yourself, and your team is an absolute must for anyone in a position of management or leadership. When teams function at a level of optimal health, organisations will thrive. This workshop looks at the statistics around mental health in the legal profession, red flags that employers should look out for, and how to assist their team in times of need.