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What we do

Lawganised is your trusted adviser for all aspects of operating your legal practice. Whether you're an experienced sole practitioner, looking to leave a larger firm to start up your own practice, or a mature firm needing some advice, Lawganised works with firms of all sizes and areas of law, regardless of location. Services can be provided remotely or in person. 

Regardless of your need Lawganised "has a tool for that". 

Our services below are but the tip of the iceberg. Lawganised exists to provide tailored solutions based on your needs. So whatever you need, get in contact with us today to discuss how we can get your firm 'Lawganised'.


Comprehensive Firmwide Review

Our comprehensive firmwide review leaves no stone unturned exploring the operational performance and effectiveness of your practice. After a detailed information gathering process, we will comprehensively assess the effectiveness of your practice against published legal industry benchmarks and our own performance metrics. Your firm will also be assessed against the Lawganised '10 tips' : 10 critical things a legal practice must have in place to thrive in today's market.

The team from Lawganised will also interview all your staff, including fee earning and support staff, to identify the hidden gems that will unleash excellence in your practice: the tips from your own people. You will be provided with a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations on what your firm must implement in order to thrive and achieve your goals.

Virtual General Manager

The Virtual GM offering provides unlimited practice and operational support across the full suite of Lawganised services for one low fixed fee every month.

Virtual GM is like having your own General Manager, accessible 24 / 7 / 365 to support you and your firm in every facet of running your practice. From budgeting to people, from planning to reporting, the Lawganised Virtual GM service is designed for those firms seeking the full service and support of an experienced law firm General Manager.

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Trust Workshop

Trust is the cornerstone of a high-performing team. Similarly, a lack of trust in any team provides a one way street to team dysfunction.

The Lawganised Trust Workshop is a half-day workshop aimed at building awareness and understanding of all members of the team, of all other members of the team – outside the practise of law. The workshop explores personality types and develops your team members' skills in working with people with different personality types, and also explores the sources of dysfunctions in teams and why trust is the cornerstone to building a high performing team.

If you are seeking lasting change in your firm, in processes, systems, or whatever, don't launch into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on some whiz-bang software or make piecemeal changes in your quest to 'do law differently'..... start with building and enhancing trust in your team.

Change is about people, and trusting teams embrace and absorb change better. Build/Enhance trust first, then invest in your change projects. The Lawganised Trust Workshop is a great place to start.

Personal Training Service

Just like having your own personal trainer at the gym, the Lawganised Personal Training Service assists firms set goals and develop the right structures, processes, and accountability to achieve them.

Your own Personal Trainer will work with you to establish your firm's goals, assist in developing your strategic plan/project plans and 'Why?' statement. Your PT will then work with you during regular sessions to track performance, work with staff on individual KPIs and provide you with a suite of reports to understand your firm's progress. And at all times you will have a personal confidante beside you there for unlimited confidential email and telephone consults, your own sounding board, and a trusted advisor.

It can feel very lonely as a Principal of a law firm. Lawganised understands this and our consultants have in excess of 60 years of experience navigating the trials and tribulations just like you. So when you need to, lean on your very own Lawganised Personal Trainer.

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Health Check

Do you think you are doing well, but not sure how your firm is performing compared to other firms? Or perhaps you are slaving away, day and night, and not getting the results you're after? The Lawganised Law Firm Health Check may be what your firm needs.

Lawganised can undertake a quick, yet thorough review of your firm's performance across a number of financial and other key metrics. You will be provided with a full report of findings and recommendations on how your firm can improve outcomes and achieve your goals.

Start-up Practices

Are you done dealing with the daily grind of working in a larger firm? Do you think you have the entrepreneurial spirit to start and build your own firm?

Lawganised will be your guiding light. Our experienced consultants have extensive experience in start-up firms and will support your new practice from concept to reality. From websites to digital marketing, leases to business names, and compliance to cost agreements, Lawganised will project manage your start-up and ensure your practice thrives from day 1.

Don't go it alone. Lawganised understands the critical issues you must address to launch effectively and knows where start-up firms come unstuck. Don't risk it; let Lawganised guide your start-up pre-and post-launch and work with you to realise your goals.

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Mergers | Acquisitions | Sales | Retirement

Heading into retirement and looking to pass on your legacy? Or are you looking to purchase another practice to expand your brand?

Lawganised is your trusted adviser to support any transaction. With our network of experienced brokers and valuers across Australia, Lawganised can project lead any transaction end-to-end, including navigating the tricky logistical, operational, legislative, and administrative steps in a merger, acquisition, or even your retirement. Our experienced consultants have extensive experience in merging firms and supporting retiring practitioners to pass on their legacy ensuring the best outcome for all parties.

So when the time is right, put your trust in an adviser that's driven this road before. Lawganised understands the critical issues involved in merging practices, supporting a firm close its doors, or passing the baton internally. So to ensure the best outcome for you, and to ensure all your risks are mitigated, and opportunities realised, let us guide you through your transaction.

Strategic & Business Planning

Lawganised works with firms to develop short and long-term business and strategic plans. From your firm's vision through to the nuts and bolts, Lawganised has a specialised approach tailored specifically for the legal profession.

Be it a review of your current plan, or starting with a blank canvas, Lawganised can facilitate the development of your firm's tailored business plan with realistic, measurable, commercial goals.

None of this fancy-schmancy tree-hugging stuff. Your firm. Your plan. Done. And with everyone on board. That's our commitment.


Events, Retreats & Speaking

Need a facilitator for your next Partner's retreat? Or maybe a keynote speaker at your next Partner's Conference? Get in touch with Lawganised. From short planning meetings, keynote addresses to a three-day shindig, Lawganised can facilitate your event and create a lasting legacy within your firm. Whatever the topic, you can trust Lawganised will create a vibe and culture within your practice that will last long after the event.

Lawganised adopts a 'long-lasting legacy' approach to any event. You will not just get a 'tree-hugging' session that will be a distant memory within a few days.

Lawganised's events make lasting impacts end ensures your people commit to change that will create a legacy within your firm for years to come.

Practice Manager Support Service

Your Practice Manager is a crucial member of your firm; they should be empowered to lead and deliver the operational requirements of your firm's strategic and business plans.

Do you empower your Practice Manager to do this? If so, do you want to invest in your Practice Manager's development to ensure they can be the best they can be for your practice?

The Lawganised Practice Manager Support Service may be a perfect solution for your firm. For a small monthly fee, your Practice Manager will receive coaching, mentoring and assistance with any project or task they are required to deliver.

As an experienced law firm General Manager, Ben understands what skills and experience a Practice Manager needs to deliver.

If you think your Practice Manager would benefit from ongoing support and development, get in touch with us today.

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Reporting Frameworks

Lawganised has an extensive array of forecasting, reporting, and measurement tools that provide your firm with the ability to develop fee forecasts, budgets, and create easy to use, user-friendly reports.

All we need is the data!

You cannot manage what you cannot measure, so let Lawganised guide your firm to your optimal performance level, whilst giving you the visibility and management tools along the way.

Tools, Resources and Guides

24 years of executive management roles mean a literal lifetime of experience when it comes to the tools and resources law firm principals need to effectively do their jobs.

Lawgansied has an array of legal practice management guides designed for you to easily deploy into your practice. From precedents, document templates, to best practice guides on managing your cash flow, you can rest assured "we have a tool for that!"

Don't reinvent the wheel! If you need something, whatever it may be, get in touch as it's likely we have it.


Project Management

Have a project that has been the bane of your existence? A critical implementation or change management project that you know your firm needs, but just haven't had the time to get it done?

We get it. We have been there.

The Lawganised motto is: "You be a lawyer. Let us help your business do the rest."

Lawganised has extensive experience with large and small scale project management, from the implementation of practice management systems, mergers/acquisitions, re-branding, IT projects or even office relocations.

Whatever your project, large or small, get in touch with us today to see if we can assist so you can continue's what you do best.